Web designer Perth

Lethal Graphics are a full servicing digital website agency based in Perth, Western Australia

We help you outclass your competitors with a super slick responsive website! Whether you require a simple brochure-style website design or a complex, highly-functional online store – you name it, we can design it!

At Lethal Graphics, we have in-house, professional web designers to plan and personalise your site to best reflect your business’s niche, enabling you to capitalise on attracting and securing your target market.

We provide web design services Perth and Australia-wide, and the team at Lethal Graphics take into consideration all aspects of your business’s website. This includes the design, its browser functionality and compatibility, making it search engine friendly, ensuring it is secure, and more. We also make sure our clients can access usage statistics for analysis to maximise their ROI.

The Professional Web Designer Process business

Step 1: Lets get acquainted

You’ve made the decision to either improve your online business presence, or possibly create a business website from scratch. It sounds daunting but it isn’t, so let our Perth based website design company make it even easier by coming to you so we can see how everything works and form a clearer picture of what you and your business are about.

Lethal Graphics front man, Lee Rekman (yes, he likes to think of himself as the lead singer of our ‘band’) will come to you. (If you live interstate, we’ll phone or Skype you). Lee will have a coffee with you (or whatever your weakness might be), and explore how Lethal Graphics can help you grow or start your online business presence.

He’ll uncover what your business is about – particularly target market, objectives and competition and suggest design elements aligned with your business wants and needs. Lee will discuss time frames, your business Content Management System (CMS) taking shape, and provide an indication of your investment cost.

Step 2: The Inspiration

Our cool and creative designer types will then bunker down in our Perth website design studio to analyse your competition and target market, to prepare a mock website design. We have extensive commercial experience, having worked on a stack of websites over the years, so we truly know what will and won’t work for your business.

Step 3: Website Development

Now the code savants flex their mathlete muscle and transform the mock design into an actual working website through effective web design. It’ll be slick and speedy, search-engine friendly and prominently displayed across all major web browsers, making updates quicker and cheaper.

Step 4: Content Management System Integration

Content Management Systems (or CMS) allows you to edit your content in real-time using your own admin. Technophobes may find this a little daunting, complicated, boring or time consuming, so we’ll happily ‘cyber sit’ your website, when required, to ensure the site is working as you want and expect it to appear.

CMS is a godsend because…

zero maintenance costs mean you can make amendments when you want.
easy-to-use interface.
you don’t need a degree in rocket science or mathematics to use it.
it’s a what-you-see-is-what-you-get online page editor.
add new pages or rename old ones.
edit your images online.
organise the menu as you see fit.

A Perth-based professional web designer will provide you and your team with CMS training to teach you how to use it to its full capability. We offer this service via phone or in-person at your home or office.

Step 5: Showcase time

Your new website is ready to be launched and a programmer and professional web designer will create and submit a sitemap. This is so the likes of major search engines like Google and Yahoo etc will immediately start ranking your website to attract as many ‘hits’ as possible.

If you want to know how Lethal Graphics’ services can take your brand to the next level, get in touch and speak to a professional web designer. We will answer your questions and tailor a solution to suit your requirements, whether you are in Perth or anywhere Australia-wide. Call us on (08) 9393 3800 or email us today and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

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