8 Interesting Facts about Graphic and Website Designing

Each and everything in this universe has some interesting facts associated with. Being a leading graphic and website designing company, we, “Lethal Graphics” want to make readers acquaintance with some interesting graphic and website design facts. Let us have glance on some of these:

  1. Near about 90% of today’s internet traffic is controlled by search engines. So website design is under the influence of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  2. As a leading logo designer in Perth, we have noted down people prefer those logos, which are free from visual clichés and amateur effects.

  3. As per the findings of some surveys, if any webpage takes more than 20 sweb design company pertheconds to load, most users lose interest in the website

  4. With the coming of mobile internet at the forefront, recently designs have undergone a rapid change for capability reasons.

  5. In spite of the fact that graphic designing is a booming business, this is not considered as a lucrative career. It is a fact that hardly 10% of the profits go to the designers pocket and rest is spent on miscellaneous expenses.

  6. Responsive design, invented only three years back focuses on creating sites that gives users an enhanced viewing experience. Responsive design encompasses features like effortless navigation and reading, and a minimum of browser resizing, scrolling and panning. But one must comprehend the difference between mobile design and responsive design.

  7. Making a website profitable is more difficult than just creating it

  8. If we look on the work of the graphic designers, we may think that this is a very interesting job. However, we cannot deny the fact that it is a stressful work and requires lot of dexterity. View of the work of graphic and website designers of Perth, and you will realize that designing requires knowledge of raster, types, sizing, vector and typography to name a few.


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