Stages of the Web site development

Just like any process, web development includes several stages. We have penned down this blog to discuss in brief the stages which are involved in website development. Let us have a glance on these –

The first stage is to comprehend the client’s brief and actual requirements of the website. It is also necessary to keep into consideration several other important factors like target audience, prevailing market conditions and benefits over the existing system. After analysis and research, in the second stage there is requirement of building specifications, based on the gathered information. Once specifications are ready, proposal can be sent to the client for approval. The third phase is of design and development, this is the stage where web developers have to work closely with the web designers. And being one of the leading Website Design company in Perth, we suggest you that during all these stages client communication must not be compromised at any cost. We need to be in touch with the valued patrons, via all possible modes of communication because we may have to make lots of changes, as per the customer’s instructions at regular intervals. During this designing stage, test plan should not be forgotten as it ensures quality. Now, design, images and site template are sent for valued patron’s approval. Then, the role of content writing appears, which the backbone of any website is.

Simultaneously, it is essential for the website developers in Perth to comprehend the design codes, template and navigation. Software developers must make test plans to verify all forms and make development step bug free. Moving to testing, we must know that both automated and manual testing is indispensable in website developing process. And live testing is done only after website is available on the web. If you are looking to develop the website in a proper way like the above mentioned steps, then join hands with any renowned company for website design and development in Perth like Lethal Graphics. We are a hub of dexterous graphic designers, web developers and skilled writers. Further, keeping into consideration industry requirements, we also persistently upgrade the website and adhere to search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines for excellent results.


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