Some Interesting facts about Graphic Designing

Today, graphic designing has become part and parcel of every industry. We cannot imagine the growth of any sector without the designing activities. With the rise of new businesses, the roles of graphic designers have become much more crucial. Let us have a glance at some of the interesting facts associated with the graphic designing –

1. William Addison Dwiggins first coined the term ‘graphic design’ in 1922.
2. 1980 was the time, when first computer based graphic design tools came into light.
3. Do you know that the meaning of term graphic is ‘to give a clear picture’?
4. Today there are a plethora of companies for Modern Graphic Design Perth, Sydney, Canberra, Newyork, London, New Delhi and Tokyo to name a few. And, if we talk about U.K, more than 5000 graphic designing companies are operating there.
5. Interestingly, graphic designing jobs feature among top 25 jobs that people crave for.
6. As per the study conducted by Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be around 13% increase in demand for graphic designers by 2020.
7. Marketing and graphic designing are closely associated with each
8. other because marketing cannot be done without label design, bill board advertising etc.
9. If we turn the pages of the history, we can notice that the last decade has witnessed many landmarks in the visual media. So, we can say that graphic designers can be celebrity artists.
10. Today most of the companies source their designing work to graphic designers in Perth, Australia for quality and creative output.
11. Intellectual property rights like copy right and trademarks control the graphic designing to a great extent.
12. As per some surveys, almost all the designers get addicted to designing. Even during their leisure time, they do designing instead of sitting idle. They do freelancing in a relaxed manner.


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